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Updated: 1-12-2004

  Happy New Year everyone and thanks for a great 2003 season. Well, December came in like a lion and out like a lamb and the fishing was pretty much the same. Fishing was tough early in the month what little of it mother nature allowed us. Things were right back to normal December fishing, though on the 19th and John Bixler and friends had an excellent day on the stripers catching more than twice their limit.

December 20th we were joined by Anthony Loure and friends for a day of tog fishing which we found to be very cooperative with the group harvesting a near limit catch of tog. December 21 Sonny Do and friends were along for a day of striper fishing and were off to a great start with six in the boat by 9am when the water turned to chocolate milk and shut off the fish like a light.

On the 23rd we were joined By Bowen Weisheit and Rob Kasper and their sons for a reunion striper fishing trip. The group had a nice day harvesting 12 nice stripers and releasing one. The day after Christmas we were right back at it with Joe Torrie and friends for another banner day on the stripers once again capturing more than twice their limit. Bo French and son Matt and friends braved rough seas on the 27th and once again we were rewarded with more than twice our limit of stripers. Darryl Spittler and friends joined us on the 28th for a spring-like day of striper fishing once again capturing more than twice our limit of stripers.

On the 29th we were joined Bernie, his father and three sons for another spring like day of striper fishing. Being hit by a stomach flu the morning of the trip there was no way to cancel so the show must go on and we were not going to refuse the youngsters their day on the water. We managed to harvest a fish a piece before I had to throw in the towel. After a day of rest we were right back at it on the 31st joined by Robert Haas and friends. The stripers made a good showing with the group harvesting their large fish early and releasing another handful along the way.

New Year's Day we went in search of the first striper of the year which was found by Mary Ann Winkler. Soon after, the rest of the group chipped in catching a total of 14 fish for the day. January second, we went tog fishing and found the tog cooperative as well despite rainy conditions. The folks managed six keepers a piece including two fish over 7lbs. along with many shorts. January third was sunny and sixty and no fish.

Capt Jerry Blakeslee
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Capt. Jerry
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