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Updated: 05-01-2012

We continue to see good catches of Tog. Black Drum have begun to be caught in the bay as well. There have been some good numbers of sea trout caught by the gill netter's. Hope this is a sign of good things to come in the future. We will be tog fishing until May11th when they will close until July 17th. By the way, Friday May 11th is open for anyone wanting one last crack at the tog before the fall. May 22nd, the first day of Sea bass, has come open due to a cancellation. Give us a call opening day of sea bass has been great the last couple of years. We also have some prime weekend dates still available in May for either black drum or sea bass.

Steven Berry and friends joined us for a day of tog fishing and had an excellent catch of tog. After a couple of days off to weather, Alex Levantowsky and the all star crew joined us for a day of spring tog fishing. It took all day but the guys put together a limit catch of tog including a 12.5lb fish for Alex himself.

Kevin George and family joined us for a cool morning following a big blow. The guys fished hard all day and had a nice catch despite dirty water. That afternoon we were joined by Ray Fisher and party. They were well on the way to a limit when the rain set in and we called it an afternoon. The following morning Ray and Margaret Fisher along with the Glen family had another beautiful day on the water. It took us a little bit to get the tog biting but once we did they put together a limit catch. Big tog of the day went to Timothy Glen with a 9.25lb fish.

Once again we have plenty of openings in May including some weekends so if you would like to get out and catch a big black drum or some black sea bass give us a call. Remember to take the kids fishing.


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