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Updated: 05-07-2007

The spring time fishing is shaping up real fine. Post spawn stripers are making there migration back down the bay and the big black drum have shown up just like clock work. Tautog fishing has been more of a challenge than the last two springs during which it was just like pushing the easy button. Seabass are beginning to show as well. The digital camera broke so no pictures of this reports real monsters.

Karl Reed and friends suffered through a rainy day and returned home with a good catch of tog. The following day conditions were great for tog fishing but they just weren't cooperating right away so we went after some striped bass. We found them in good numbers in the rips and Pete Melynk and coworkers had a banner trip with a limit catch of Stripers plus plenty thrown back for good measure. Next we were joined by Samie Whithead and friends and we tried some tog fishing releasing a few shorts. Then tried striper fishing and released a short. Unhappy with that we went back to tog fishing and brought home a few fish to salvage the day.

After a few days off we headed up the bay With Russell Davis and family in search of stripers. With the good reports from the previous day we had high expectations but wound up harvesting just two fish. The following morning Alan Redford and folks from EDIS ventured up the bay with us again and this morning they bit. The folks harvested three drum fish to 50lbs and two stripers to 20lbs and released eight other stripers as well.We tried to put the icing on the cake with the tog but only managed a few . That same afternoon we went right back up to the same Area with Bernie Smelstoys and coworkers with high hopes. When all was said and done we came home with one bluefish and released more than a dozen stripers.

The following morning we went back up the bay to try for some tog which just didn't want to cooperate. We suggested to try something else based on the previous morning success and went up for the bass and drum. After marking some fish we quickly put the anchor over and had to wait about 10 minutes before the first rod bent over with a nice 28lb black drum. Shortly there after we had a double and after 35 minutes on 15 lb spining gear we got to see one of the monsters. It wound up we had two big drum on and pulled the circle hook on one and harvested the secound which tipped the scales at 70lbs. During the battle with the two drum we released two stripers as well. That evening we arrived on scene with a birthday party for Paul Hynson and marked the drum good at the bottom of the tide but could not get them to bite. Finally as the tide began to flood the bass started biting and the crew boxed four stripers weighing 25lb, 21lb, 19lb and 18lb and released a pair as well.

These stripers coming down the bay now are all thin as arrows after completing their spawn and should be available for another couple weeks along with the big black drum which have just started to arrive. We will also be tog and seabass fishing this month as well.

Capt. Carey Evans
34614 Bookhammer Landing Road
Lewes, DE 19958



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