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Updated: 05-29-2006

The Behemoth Black Drum are here and the bite is on. Seabass fishing in the ocean is good. Tog fishing is still an option. We have caught a few croakers. Flounder fishing in the bay should pick up next week.

Bob Wittie and friends joined us for a nice day of Seabass fishing and brought home a good catch of seabass along with releasing several tog. Steve Chisholm and friends had a limit catch of nice tog then went on to capture two nice black drum fish and a couple croakers.

The folks from ID Griffith Inc had an excellent evening trip harvesting a limit of tog before heading to the drum grounds. Once on the drum grounds we immediately heard them drumming under the boat and the first rod bent over with a 34 lb 8 oz Striper for Vincent Haines . The next rod was a 69 lb black drum for Dustin Sutton followed by five more black drum including another 68 lb drum for Dustin Sutton and the biggest of the night at 70 lb 8 oz for Jim Yasik. Vincent Haines put the icing on the cake with a second striper weighing 24 lbs.

Kris Zwycewicz and family celebrated a birthday aboard the Grizzly and harvested a nice catch of tog along the way. Marvin Albright and friends joined us for a beautiful day in the bay and started out tog fishing harvesting a few nice fish for the table including a 8 lb 8 oz fish for Marvin himself and throwing many back for another day.

The group decided to give some drum fishing a try just as the tog seemed to be turning on and we made the best move of the day. Soon after anchoring we hooked our first fish and after 15 minutes of battling number one a second rod bent over. With two fish hooked we had to make a decision to clear the lines and land the two big black drum as we were going to be late for our afternoon trip. Justen Hanna landed number one which tipped the scales to 74 lbs. Soon after Jeff Champlin landed number two which tipped the scales at 71 lbs.With a fish related delay we left for a evening of drum fishing with the Gorschboth family.

Arriving on the drum grounds we set up and waited about an hour before we heard them drumming under the boat once again and the fun began with a total of six drum for the six hours. Eric Gorschboth took home big fish award with his 81 lb behemoth and not far behind was Thomas Vizzini with a 67 lb drum. Eric and family joined us once again the following morning for a limit catch of tog.

We have evening trips open this weekend for anyone wishing to capture one of these big black drum fish before they leave the bay as well an open day on Sunday, June 4 due to a cancellation.

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