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Updated: 06-15-2006

Sorry for the delay on the report our laptop on the boat quit and it has been none short of a headache getting a new one and having it up to speed. We have done allright without it though with our two other plotters but it will be nice to have it back.

Tog fishing is starting to show signs of slowing as the water temperatures rise. Seabass fishing remains good and we have high hopes for a good flounder and croaker fishery real soon. Tuna have made a good early showing on the offshore grounds which hopefully leads to a great year offshore.

Pat Sproul and family joined us for a day of seabass fishing and had a nice catch of seabass and a handful of nice tog as well including a 8lb 8oz tog for Bob Sproul and a 7lb 4 oz tog for Richard Connely. Mike Junk, Bob Witte, Ken Brittingham and Alan joined us for a day of wreck fishing as well and had a near limit catch of seabass and Ken had a 20 lb striper which was released as well. Joshua Stauffer and friends joined us for a day of seabass fishing and took home a nice bunch of fish as well.

Invista Sarl of Wilmington De joined us for a day of inshore wreck fishing and had a nice day however not many keepers till the last spot of the day which finished off a limit catch of tog and a handful of Seabass as well. Ray Yohe and friends joined us on the day of a cold front and managed to harvest a fair catch of tog despite less than ideal conditions. The following day we were joined by Peter Kuchinsky and family for a morning half day. Despite the rainy conditions we harvested a limit catch of tog up to 6lb 8 oz in short order. Chad Redding and friends joined us for an afternoon Thresher shark trip. We never had a shark bite but the guys did manage to catch some seabass and a keeper flounder as well. Jeff Lauer and friends joined us for our toughest morning of fishing yet this season. We headed up the bay in search of tog which mysteriously were no where to be found with a hard northwesterly breeze against a hard flood tide which made conditions less than ideal. Jeff harvested a 6 lb 8 oz fish and we threw back one short striper. The following morning Jeff and friends returned to a much nicer morning and off we went for seabass which also proved difficult as well but we did manage to capture enough for a few dinners. Jerry Markel and coworkers joined us for another morning half day fishing in the rain. The tog once again bit well despite conditions and we left for home with another limit catch of nice tog. Mike Junk and Bob Witte once again joined us for a day of wreck fishing and captured more than two limits of seabass by days end.

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