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Updated: 6-23-2004

Erin Hurst and family were enternained by Keystone Vet Products for an enjoyable day of seabass fishing. They all had a great time and the day was topped of for the youngsters aboard when we lent another boat our block and tackle enabeling them to hoist a big thresher shark aboard. The following day we had a group from Quebecor on board who were interested in catching a large thresher. We put out the chum and began seabass fishing and in less than an hour we had the bite they had hoped for and a half an hour later a 174lb thresher lay in the fish box along with a couple dozen seabass for the table. A group from Atlantic Plastics joined us next on a rough afternoon and spent it tog fishing and managed a handful of nice fish despite less than ideal conditions. When the winds supsided John Groff and friends joined us for a day of seabass fishing capturing plenty of the tasty bottom dwellers but having to throw many of them back due to their size.

We had another group of guys from Quebecor on board the following week hoping to repeat their coworkers capture of a nice thresher but the bite never came. The group did have an enjoyable day capturing three dozen nice seabass and a flounder along with many other undersized fish. Jeff Laure and friends joined us for their annual weekend aboard the grizzly and had our nicest catches of seabass yet harvesting more than a hundred keepers each day along with one fish each day topping the three pound mark. Ron and family had an enjoyable half day of getting a taste of tog fishing. Joie Torrie and friends joined us for a day of seabass fishing and despite inclement conditions still managed two dozen keepers.Fred Brubaker and friends had a nice mix of seabass of seabass and tog along with a 15" porgie. Quarryville fire department joined us for a nice day of seabass fishing harvesting four dozen of the tasty bottom dwellers.

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