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Updated: 08-01-2006

It seems that we are finally going to have a good tuna season. Bluefin and yellowfin both are making a good showing at this point. Croaker fishing in the Bay is as good as anyone could ask for and should remain strong until October. Flounder fishing has been fair when conditions are good.

Jesse Herst and friends had a good catch of croakers. Gabe Flocco and family had a nice half day of croaker fishing. Mike Junk and family had a great one day tuna trip harvesting six 40 lb class yellowfin and a 19 lb 8 oz dolphin. Kenneth Jones and family had a nice morning of croaker fishing.

Next we were joined by Members of the Northwest Chapter of the MSSA for an afternoon trip. They wanted to try to catch some flounder and despite difficult flounder conditions facing wind against tide we anchored up over structure and found almost nothing but croakers with only a couple trout and flounder in the mix. As soon as the tide broke we tried a little drifting but it was off to the races with wind and tide together pushing us in excess of 2 and 1/2 knots so we threw the hook again just to keep the rods bending.

Jim Sprangler and friends from Allegheny Evangelical Lutheran church had an excellent catch of big croakers. Donald Skyles, family and friends had a good catch of croakers. Shelly Moore and family and friends had a good catch of croakers as did Eric Johnson and friends. The folks from Jamestown Painting Inc took a day off to entertain clients who had a good catch of croakers as well as a day away from the office.

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