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Delaware Fishing Report
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Updated: 08 - 06 - 2007

The big croakers have finally arrived in the bay and should now be available thru early October. We have one of the largest year class of small seabass in the bay that we can ever remember which is hopefully a sign of a strong seabass fishery to come. Flounder fishing has seen some highs and lows the past two weeks. Inshore wreck fishing continues to provide some nice mixed bags of triggerfish, seabass, tog and porgies. Some tuna and swordfish are being caught on the overnight chunking scene as well.

Gabe Floco and family enjoyed a nice afternoon of croaker fishing in the Delaware Bay. Jim Sprangler and friends had an excellent catch of croakers as well. We tried some flounder fishing with the Cornell family and had an excellent catch of fish however only one made this year's legal limit.

Rod Seniff and family joined us for a day of inshore wreck fishing and had an excellent catch of triggerfish along with a handful of tog, a handful of seabass, and some nice porgies. Robert Wyatt and friends had an excellent day of flounder fishing bringing home a nice catch including two over six pounds. We headed up the bay with Leon Sensing and family in hopes of catching more flounder but mother nature threw us a curve. Drifting over two and a half knots, we were forced to change plans and go do some croaker fishing which wound up to be a good move providing plenty of rod bending action for the rest of the afternoon. Next we had Reverend and Robert Beers aboard for an excellent morning half day, harvesting two flounder and a mix of croakers and snapper bluefish. John Koster and friends joined us for a day of inshore wreck fishing and had a nice mixed bag of triggerfish, seabass, porgies, croakers, and snapper bluefish.

Jim Sprangler and family joined us again and we found them the large croakers and managed one keeper flounder as well. We headed up the bay again with Darryl Spittler and family looking for the large croakers and ran out of time looking so we settled on some smaller croakers to put a catch together on a half day trip. The following morning Darryl and family were back with us and we found the large croakers for them. Andrew Cotton and friends headed in search of the large croakers and we found them up to 20". The group had all they cared to catch and returned home a little early. We headed right back with Jane Jones as part of Dan's 12th birthday looking for the big croakers and were not able to get them to bite so we opted to catch smaller croakers to provide some action for everyone. On the way home Dan told me what a great time he had catching more than seven species of fish. Larry Gardner and friends joined us for a day of tuna fishing and harvested one nice bluefin.

Capt. Carey Evans
34614 Bookhammer Landing Road
Lewes, DE 19958


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