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Delaware Fishing Report
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Updated: 08-13-2012

We have seen some excellent action on the bottom fishing since the last report. Full day trips have seen some excellent numbers of flounder including a boat limit. Half day trips have been equally successful with some flounder, sea trout,croakers, snapper bluefish, blowfish, and a few triggerfish. We can always catch the kids some sand sharks as well which are always a hit. Inshore shark fishing has also been a good option as well. The tuna chunking has shut down for the time being but with any luck we'll see a good bite again in September.

Mike Hinzy and family and friends had a nice half day fishing. We caught a nice little mixed bag of fish despite some less than ideal conditions. Matt Kardanis and brother Terry had an excellent half day trip with their two sons. They returned home with a nice catch of flounder, trout and croakers. Jim Sprangler joined us for their annual church group trip. Once again we returned some nice flounder, triggerfish, croakers and blowfish.

Kevin Trafka and friends enjoyed a day off and joined us for their annual fishing trip while camping for the weekend. Despite less than ideal conditions the guys fished hard and put together a catch of flounder. Next we were joined by a group of guys from Johnson Controls who were awarded a trip for winning a project by the company. The guys had a great time catching and releasing several big cow nose sting rays. Their catch included a great catch of flounder, a limit of sea trout, bluefish, and croakers. William Wescott treated his grandson to an inshore shark fishing trip and he had a great time releasing three big sharks.

Dennis Fish and friends came looking for flounder and that's what they got. Harvesting a passenger limit of flounder plus a few for the crew. Congratulations guys. Thanks for working to put together a limit catch!

We have plenty of dates available so give us a call if you would like to get out. Remember to take the kids fishing!


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