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Updated: 09-08-2010

We continue to see good numbers of flounder and this should continue thru early October. Seabass fishing is showing signs of a good fall season. We should have some good mixed bag catches of flounder, seabass, croakers and snapper bluefish. The off shore scene has seen nice mixed bag catches as well. Hopefully we will see some good Yellowfin chunking in the near future.

Jim Said and family had a great flounder trip along with a couple of nice triggerfish. They harvested 18 of 70 flounder on the day. We then got in a day trolling trip for Scott Pincin and friends. It was a pretty day and the fish actually cooperated and we harvested a handful of Yellowfin and a nice 52 lb Wahoo. Tom Holland and friends joined us for an ocean trip and we found thing a little slower farther off shore but managed a handful of keeper flounder and 18 seabass and a few croakers.

We have been tied dock sense due to the timing of our overnight trips and the weather. Remember to take a kid fishing. Give us a call and we'll help you get them out. We will be fishing thru the new year and looking forward to tog and striper trips this fall.

Capt. Carey Evans
Grizzly Sportfishing
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