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Updated: 11-17-2005
Well its official the Grizzly will have a new set of engines under her decks for the 2006 season. All of our free time has been spent researching repowering and the decision has been made so we'll keep up on the reports till the end of the year.

Early October saw some fair tog fishing in the deep water at the mouth of the bay. The Hall family and friends had a nice catch of tog along with a few seabass and triggerfish. They finished out the day with a nice batch of croakers. John Schreve and family had a nice catch of tog with a pair of triggerfish and seabass. They also finished the day with a great catch of croakers. The Albatross Gang had a tougher outing harvesting some tog, seabass, croakers, and sea trout. Paul Brown and friends found the tog to be uncooperative so we changed over to catch some croakers, seabass, trout, and blowfish. Dan Norman and friends struggled through a rainy day catching some tog, seabass, blowfish and triggerfish.

The middle of October turned into a slump at best but by the 24th the fishing was right were it should have been. Alex Levantowsky and friends had a limit catch of tog with over 10 citations. Skeeter Ripley harvested the largest of the day 10.65lbs which went on to win second prize in the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament. That same day Bob Wittie harvested a 8.91 lb tog and Alex harvested a 8.99 lb tog. Vince Conway and friends were next to join us and they returned to the dock with a limit catch of nice tog by noon. The following day Vince and friends were joined by Andy Duncan for a repeat limit catch of tog. Bill Dougherty and friends also had a limit catch of nice tog including two over 7lbs. Jay Campbell and friends were next to join us and braved some rather uncomfortable conditions and had a nice catch of tog up to 8.75 lbs for Sean Lawyer. Alex Levantowsky and crew were back at it again and had another fine catch of tog including an 8.9lb fish for Mike Junk.

November started off with the folks from Compass Hardwoods of Gap, PA. They finished off the day with a near limit of tog. Tony Pagonis and friends had a nice catch of tog. The folks from Tri State Carpets joined us next for our first fall rockfish trip and had three nice bass and a handful of big blues. Randy Hirst and friends had four nice stripers and a few blues and a rare northern stargazer. Mary Ann Laskowsky and friends joined us for her annual birthday trip and had four nice stripers. Mark Scott harvested a 22lb citation striper.

Alex Levantowsky and crew were right back on the tog harvesting a near limit including one over eight pounds for Mike Junk and one over seven for Alex himself. Next we were joined by the folks from Quebecor Printing for a limit catch of tog including a 9lb 8oz fished caught and released by the captain himself. Bob Swisher harvested a 7lb 12oz citation tog and Don Wallace harvested a 7lb 8oz tog. Dubroff Construction Co joined us for a day of tog fishing and had a great catch of tog. Ed Lesniczak and friends had a tough day of striper fishing and resorted to capturing a few tog. Sara George and family had a limit catch of tog up to 6lb 14oz and were home early. Dave Engel and friends joined us for some tog fishing and harvested a fair catch of tog. Quebecor Printing was back again for another day of tog fishing and had a nice catch of tog to 7lb 4oz.

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