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Updated: 11-17-2011

We have experienced some fine tog and striper fishing the last two weeks. When we get a nice weather break things have really come together for excellent fishing. The good tog fishing we are experiencing should remain strong thru the Christmas Holiday. Striper fishing has just begun and will get better thru the Christmas Holiday as well.

After a long week off to weather Mike Barnes and friends joined us for a day of tog fishing and put together an excellent catch of tog up to 7 lb 12 oz. Tim Bob and family joined us the following day and took our recommendation to do some tog fishing. They were rewarded with an excellent catch of tog before the winds really kicked up. Following two days off to winds again Larry Gardner and friends joined us for a tog trip and put together another excellent catch up to 7 lbs. Alex Levantowsky and his all star crew were off to a great start on the tog when they just shut off. Alex had big fish of the day at 8 lb 4 oz. The highlihgt of the afternoon was watching a large deployment of concrete going on the reef site we were fishing. Harry Weaver and friends had a nice day of tog fishing sorting thru a ton of shorts to put a nice day together.

John Pierce and family had an excellent trip. We harvested two nice stripers to start the day and finished with an excellent catch of tog to finish things up. We headed up looking for some tog with Ralph Griffith and coworkers. After an hour and a half with nothing in the box we went and tried some striper fishing. It was the right move as we harvested 6 nice stripers to 29 lb 4 oz and a big bluefish.
After a day of gale force winds we gave it a try with Don Kopp and friends. The water was to dirty and the winds still to strong to get off the beach to find clean water for the tog we came home. Alex Levantowsky and his all star crew caught some nice quality tog up to 8 lb 12 oz but with the winds still up and a ground swell shutting the bite off we came in a little early. Joe Legrand and friends had an excellant day of striper fishing harvesting 9 nice keepers including several over 20 lbs and two undersized stripers and a throw back flounder as well. Victor Tang and a crew from book fishing trips had less than ideal conditions for their tog outing. However these guys caught them good up to 10 lb 4 oz for general lee. Thanks for fishing so hard in the rain and putting together an excellent catch.

We will be fishing thru the Christmas Holiday and are looking forward to some more great tog and striper fishing . Remember to take the kids fishing! Don't forget to book you're 2012 trips early if you want a prime date!


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