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Updated: 11-28-2004

Tog fishing has been the strongest we have had in a few years and striper fishing is in full swing. Both species will be available through early January. We have run to many trips to mention everyone so we will just go through some of the highlights of this month.

Dave Mooney and friends had 7 nice stripers and two nice flounder early in the month.

Bill Lanahan party, Sam Barksdale of Pastel Painters, and The Pulaski Fishing Club all had nice trips harvesting mixed bags of Stripers and Tog.

Eric Gorschboth and friends had a limit catch of Tog and three nice stripers. Chuck Dolittle and friends had a limit catch of tog as well including two seven pound fish in the catch.

John Pietuszka and friends from college had a limit catch of stripers.

Gary Belcher and friends had a nice catch of stripers and one flounder however 10 of the stripers captured on this particular day had to be released because they fell short of the 28" mark. Bernie Smelstous and son along with friend Frank and Frank jr had a limit catch of tog and a whole bunch of stripers all but three of which went back for another day.

John Koster and friends joined us for their annual day after Delaware deer season trip and had a limit catch of tog including five tog over the 7lb mark the largest of which weighing 9lb 12 oz. Glen Grumbling and friends had a limit catch of tog as well.

Jack connor and friends had a nice mixed bag day harvesting 6 stripers, one flounder, six blues, and seven tog with many other throw back tog and stripers as well. Gary Gutowski and friends had a large catch of stripers however once again all but one went back which weighed 21lb 8 oz. They also had 27 tog in the box as well the largest of which topped the scales at 9lbs. Mark and Swann Anderson and friends had a harvested 5 nice stripers and threw 10 back for next year.

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