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Updated: 12-08-2005
Tog fishing remains strong and the first batch of really good striper fishing is finally here. Seems like the bulk of the stripers have been passing us by outside of our three miles making us unable to participate in the fall run but based on what we saw yesterday it's safe to say we have a nice batch of fish here now.

John Peituszka and friends braved some inclement conditions and were rewarded at the end of the trip finally with a couple of nice stripers. Gary Gutowski and friends had a good day of tog fishing with Gary himself harvesting tog weighing 8 lb and 7 lb 4 oz. Several other 6 lb or better fish came over the rails on the same trip. Andy Duncan and friends gave striper fishing a shot but reverted to catching a few tog for the dinner table. George and Carolyn Kreider and friends were aboard for the annual black Friday fishing trip. Mother nature forced us to stay on the beachfront where we caught a few stripers and returned home on a half day. Joe Lala and family had an excellent day of tog fishing. Yours truly harvested a 8 lb 2 oz tog , Doug Mast released a 9 lb tog and Joe Lala harvested a 7 lb 4 oz tog. Eric Johnson and friends had an excellent morning of tog fishing. Five year old Tavon Rigney was the high liner of the day harvesting fish of 8 lb 4 oz and 7 lb 2 oz. Joe Torrie and friends gave the striper a try and captured two nice fish. We tried to finish the day off on the tog and harvested one nice fish for Matt Yost weighing 8 lb 8 oz. Robert Burkett and friends had a great catch of tog with the largest of the day weighing 11 lb 12 oz for Donald Pryor. The second largest of the day went to Derrick Johnson who harvested fish of 11 lb 2 oz and 8 lb 8 oz. Steve Dewberry and friends joined us and we tried to catch some of the nice tog which were uncooperative in the morning so we ran down the bay and brought the flowers to the striper bite catching one throw back for our efforts. Roger Rexrode and friends joined us on another breezy day and found a dozen cooperative short stripers. Bernie Smelystoys and friends finally found the stripers. We captured a total of 37 fish harvesting our dozen keepers along with 6 blue fish and a keeper flounder to top it all off.

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