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Updated: 12 - 11 - 2009

We can say for sure that November came in with a bang and went out nearly a bust. December has certainly come in with some good striper fishing and hopefully with a little good weather we will see the tog fishing good again as well. The huge low that brought us sustained storm force winds and gale force winds certainly put a damper on our fishing here locally. We did manage to catch some fish for each of our parties the remainder of the month of November but just not as good as we are used to. Gary Gutowski and friends did have our one clunker of the month, but that's why they call it fishing and these guys have seen it as good as it gets the last several years. As always thanks to everyone who did join us the last two weeks of November and thanks for working so hard with us to put a catch together on any given day.

Jack Connor and family got us started out right in December with an excellent striper trip. We fell one fish short of a limit as we had to release several fish just short of legal length. Sitting out a day in between for a blow day we were back at it again. Art Hall and friends also had a near limit catch of stripers along with several releases and one big old bluefish as well. After sitting out Saturday for another blow we tried it on Sunday with Larry Stewart and friends. Upon arrival to the grounds we found the water filthy dirty and a huge swell keeping us off the good spot so we called it an early day. Alex Levantowsky and the allstar crew headed put in the ocean for some tog fishing and boy what a difference a day can make. We did not have enough wind or current to sit still for more than 20 minutes at a time. So we enjoyed the calm conditions and returned home with four keepers a piece along with plenty of throw backs.

The weather is getting colder but with an enclosed heated cabin we can keep you comfortable. There is still plenty of good striper and tog fishing thru early January so give us a call if you would like to get out. Don't wait too long to book those favorite dates for the 2010 season as they will not last long.

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Grizzly Sportfishing
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