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Updated: 12-27-2002

  When the weather has been fit the fish have bit! Mother Nature has dealt us our fair share of unfishable weather again this month, fortunately every nice day finds us with either a box full of tog or a great catch of stripers.

Our group of local all-stars found one of those nice days to get in some tog fishing. The group managed a near limit catch of tog up to a 9lb 12oz fish which went home with Dr. Mike Junck.

Bob Keeperling along with family and friends had a beautiful day on the water. The group had an excellent catch of large stripers with a pair of slot fish mixed in.

Andy Palese and friends had a nice cool morning of striper fishing. While taking advantage of the heated cabin in between drifts, the group managed a near limit catch in short order. On their second drift of the day everyone caught a keeper bass. With a tight time schedule we returned early so the folks could get home on time.

As a birthday gift for her husband, Harry Hainley, Deb Hainley sent him on a fishing trip. The two were joined by their son, Jason, brother, Tom, and Nephew, Justin. The youngsters each caught a fish and retired to the heated cabin for the day. Meanwhile, the adults caught the boat limit and returned home early. Much to the surprise of the boys, the fish box was magically full. Good job Harry, Deb, and Tom.

Fred Robinson, family, and friends, had a banner day on the stripers. Catching four to seven fish a drift, they had their limit in no time at all. Being such a nice morning we stayed an extra couple of drifts to catch and release. With a fish tally of 30 plus bass we returned to the dock at 10:15am. Not bad for three hours.

Bowen Weisheit and sons, Ben and James, also got in on the hot bite. Once again the morning provided calm seas and plenty of action. With more than a couple triple headers the limit was achieved very quickly. After releasing fish for the next couple of drifts, Bowen gave us the word to take it home, returning by 10:30.

We hope everyone had a blessed holiday and wish you a safe and happy new year.

Check out our new archive page. It's brand new and has reports back to the beginning of the year.

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