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Grizzly Fishing Report 03-26-2013

Even though the calendar says it's Spring it still feels alot more like winter. This has forced us to remain tied to the dock longer than we can remember. We have no doubt though when the weather gets right we'll be out there catching spring tog and stripers. Shortly after, we will add Black drum and maybe a few seatrout to the mix. Seabass season will open May 19th.

To all of our flounder fisherman out there we need your help. The flounder fishery is now being managed thru a use it or loose it system. Meaning that if DE does not use its qouta and another state is over they will get our unused quota of flounder. Won't get in to particulars here but this is part of Addendum XXIV.

With that being said we are urging everyone to choose Option 4. This option is a 16.5" flounder and a limit of 4 per angler open all year. This option gives DE an 88.1% chance of harvesting our quota for 2013.

If you would like to help send an email comment to in favor of option 4. Thanks for you're support and remember to take the kids fishing this year!


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