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Grizzly Fishing Report 07-23-2013

We have an awful lot to offer folks on any given day, weather providing. In the Bay we have all the croakers you care to catch along with some seatrout, kingfish, and blowfish. The flounder fishing in the Bay was getting good but has slowed down the last couple of days. I'm sure it will pick back up by the end of this week. We also have seen plenty of shark releases in the Bay as well. In the ocean, if conditions are right, you can catch a nice mess of flounder. There is also some good seabass fishing if you go the distance along with some ling cod. Tuna fishing on the 30 fathom lumps has been consistent as well. There has been a good overnight bite on the tuna for those that have had overnight or thirty hour trips.
Here are some of the highlights since the last report. Thanks to all that have joined us the last two weeks it has been a pleasure taking you fishing and hope to see you all again. We have had many children aboard with their family's that have caught their first saltwater fish. Thanks for taking the kids fishing!

Drew Barton and friends had an excellent trip in the Bay harvesting 11 flounder, 4 seatrout, plenty of croakers, and several brown shark releases. Tom Smiga and family had an excellant tuna trip harvesting three yellowfin and a nice dolphin. Mark Mabry and friends did not have a nice day to get out tuna fishing so they decided to just get out fishing anyway. We headed up the Bay and the guys had a nice trip despite the weather releasing one sand tiger shark, five brown sharks, harvesting five flounder along with all the croakers you wanted. Todd Tribbett and friends had a perfect five hour inshore wreck fishing trip harvesting 21 triggerfish, two trout and two tog.

We have dates available if you would like to get out just give us a call. Remember to take the kids fishing!


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