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Grizzly Fishing Report 09-03-2014

We continue to see excellent flounder fishing with limits being the norm on 8 hour ocean trips. There is a large variety of tasty fish to harvest this month including flounder, sea bass, croakers, and snapper bluefish. Tog fishing will reopen September 29 and striper fishing usually begins early October. We will be targeting tuna on our overnight trips this month as well. Some good catches of yellowfin have already been taken overnight. Please visit our facebook page for more.

Thanks to all that have joined us since the last report. Here are some of the highlights. Paul Douglas and friends caught a nice limit of flounder in the bay. John Toomey and family had an excellent half day trip harvesting a handful of nice flounder, lots of croakers, some bluefish, a sea bass, and a triggerfish. Bernie Smelstoys and family had a limit catch of flounder in the bay (6 of the flounder were over 5 lbs). Joe Rapose and friends had 9 flounder and some croakers on a half day trip. Rich Smith and family had a great morning half day of flounder fishing. His son caught his limit of flounder.

After the passage of a couple days of poor weather, Jay Townsend and friends had a near limit of flounder. Tom Turley and family had a great half day trip harvesting a bunch of croakers and a triggerfish. The highlight of the trip were the 5 nice brown sharks they released on light tackle. Ned Witmer and family had a limit catch of flounder (9 of these flounder were over 4 lbs), four sea bass, and some bluefish. Bill Sapp and the guys from Green lawns took a day off to spend on the water and caught a big limit of flounder including 2 over 6 lbs, and 3 more over 5 lbs, along with some sea bass, snapper bluefish, and croakers.

Give us a call if you want to get out! Remember to take the kids fishing!



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