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Updated: 04-28-2002

  We just can't seem to get more than a few days without wind and rough seas. This is why I have said that mother nature does a much better job at managing our recreational fisheries than all the scietists and wonder plans ever conceived. There are enough bad days to offset the good ones and limit catches.

Speaking of catches, I have one for you. ......Well, Capt. Barbara and Capt. Carey has it to be correct. A new baby girl! Weight 8lb 3oz. Length 20 inches. Girth 18 inches. Not quite a state record but worthy of a citation anyway. In about 18 years expect to see Capt. Abeygail Kathrine at the helm of the Grizzly.

Dannon Scott and his group from Coatsville, Pa. had a mixed bag of stripers and tog this week. Vince DiFonzio and friends from the Wilmington area also had a mix of stripers and tog. Some of the stripers were close to 20 pounds. Rick Swain and his group didn't make out that well, rough seas cut their trip short and it was much more fun thinking about the next trip than trying to fish in heavy seas.

Capt Jerry Blakeslee
Charter Boat Grizzly
Capt. Jerry


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