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Updated: 05-28- 2008

Drum drum and more drum. We had an excellent memorial day weekend on the black drum. Once again we continue to promote the use of large circle hooks for these large drum as we have experienced a 100 percent hook up to landing ratio. This enables easy boat side releases of these big fish. Seabass fishing in the ocean is still good and with a little bit of luck we will catch a thresher shark by next report. Bluefish have also arrived and are an option as well. We will have to begin a fuel surcharge this week as fuel at the dock is currently $4.59 a gallon and when we made our pricing up for the year fuel was $2.89 a gallon. We will keep it as nominal as possible. For example it will be $10-$15 on an eight hour trip depending on distance from dock.

Tom Hicken entertained a group from Edis company and despite sloppy conditions we managed to capture eight drum up to 78 pounds harvesting eight and releasing two. Dan Goldberg and friends had a beautiful night harvesting two drum to 75 pounds and releasing five more. John Ganoe and friends joined us for a nice day of seabass fishing. We sorted through lots of 11 1/2 inch seabass and threw bag some nice tog to bring home a fair catch of the tasty seabass by days end.

The folks from Jim's tree service from Pine Forge, PA are enjoying a vacation and spending a few of those nights out with us drum fishing. Sunday night we had an excellent night harvesting seven drum up to eighty pounds and releasing five more. Monday evening we went right back at it and harvested six more fish and released four more.

We have Thursday June 5th and Friday June 6th available for drum fishing in the evening for anyone interested. Give us a call before it's all over. We will end this report by saying anyone who says blackdrum don't fight has never caught a big one!

Capt. Carey Evans
Grizzly Sportfishing
34614 Bookhammer Landing Road
Lewes, DE 19958


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