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Delaware Fishing Report
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Updated: 07-08-2002

  Opps! I forgot to update my report last week. Better late than never though so here it is. Delaware Bay continues to be slow. Very few trout and still no croakers. On the other hand, there are still plenty of seabass in the ocean and that is where we have been fishing for the most part.

A trip at the mouth of the bay near Overfalls we found a mixed bag of seatrout, triggerfish, seabass and porgies for Rob Levitt and family. Another trip in the same area with Betsy Jordan's group netted a similar catch. We took Deb Duram and her group there as well and had another mixed catch like the others. No big numbers but at least there is some fish to catch there.

Paul Brown (Sargent Fuzz) and his guys decieded on wreck fishing for seabass and came home with a good catch of fish. Many were citation size.

Allen Carrol and his group had a mix of trout, triggerfish and porgies.

We had several other ocean wreck trips for seabass with good results. Neil Murray's group, Eric Zimmerman and his charter and Marshall Thompson and friends all returned home with lots of tasty seabass.

Capt Jerry Blakeslee
Charter Boat Grizzly
Capt. Jerry


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